Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall Friday

Hello lovelies! 
How is everyone holding up after that amazing Thanksgiving meal?! I'm guilty of over indulging but I couldn't help it! Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays (after Eid of course) and I eagerly wait for the feast. As always the food and time spent was amazing. Now onto the shopping...
So I think this year I finally realized "Black Friday" shopping is a total waste of time. The malls were so packed, lines were hours long, and all the stores looked like they threw up merchandise. You literally have to fight to find something in your size and guess what? Size small is the first to go. Blah so not worth it for a couple $$$ off! I prefer Cyber Monday...easily shop from home without all that added hassle. 
Anyways, here was the outfit I wore for our Thanksgiving lunch and Black Friday shopping madness afterwards. 

Outfit Details:
Top - Foreign Exchange similar here, here, and here
Trousers - Forever21 similar here, here, and here
Shoes - BCBG similar here and here, and here

Did you guys score any awesome deals? I would love to know!
Update: A lot of you asked where the top was from on Instagram and it's from Foreign Exchange however, I can't find the top on their website. I've linked similar options (although not exact) that have lace trims. If you have a FE in your mall, check it out, they might have it in store!
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving with their loved ones and enjoyed the time off. I know how blessed we all are and our gratitude should be extended every single day! God is Great!

Lots of Love!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Iman Clothing

 Hello Lovelies!

I was recently contacted by Iman clothing, a line that specializes in graphic and calligraphy writing sweatshirts/t-shirts with eccentric designs. What I learned and immediately fell in love about this company was ALL profits are 100% donated! Basically every dollar you spend goes towards helping repair, replenish, and revive a suffering country. It's so easy to forget about the less fortunate as we are buried busy in our daily lives. This company has set it's main focus on helping those exact people we forget. I can't pass up a cause like this and I would highly recommend checking them out!

Here I'm rocking the 'Palestine' Sweatshirt in Arabic:

Outfit Details:
Sweater Shirt C/o - Iman Clothing (I'm wearing size Small)
Scarf - Cover33
Tie Around Shirt - Old Navy but similar here, here
Jeans - Arden B but similar here  
Shoes - Aldo but similar here and here
Bag - Phillip Lim for Target but similar here

To learn more about Iman Clothing, visit their website at:
or checkout their Instagram at:

Please get involved! Together, we all can make a difference and give a voice to the unheard.

Have a blessed weekend.
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Red Riding Hood

Modern Red Riding hood maybe?

Oh my, I am absolutely obsessed with how this dress fit and graced me! It flowed so beautifully regardless of what I was doing. Made of woven fabric, the overall material was soft to the touch and had some room for stretching. The woven fabric also eliminates the hassle of wearing an under-slip as it is not see through at all. And lastly, it has sleeves! *Drumroll please* I love love sleeves in my dresses so your hands have the option of being tucked away, woohoo.

Outfit Details:
Dress - C/o DIR Fashion
Bag - Aldo but similar here, here, and here

My favorite detail about this dress was the cowl neck. It's so versatile, you can wear it over the head for that extra drama or leave it as is, simply around the neck. I truly felt like the modern Red Riding hood in this beautiful dress!

Be sure to checkout DIR Fashion for more colors and other styles!

Did you guys love this style? Would you wear it? I would love to know!
Stay warm!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Delicate Hijabi

It's finally starting to cool down (YAY) and I immediately seized the opportunity to dress warmer. Living in Texas, you really never know how long the cold will stick around. Our weather is so bipolar, I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up to a blazing sunny day tomorrow.

Outfit Details:
Headscarf - Cover33
Neck Scarf - Cover33 (Winter '13 collection). Similar here and here
Skirt c/o - Delicate Hijabi
Shoes - Forever21. Similar here & here
Bag - Alexander Wang

I'm rocking this gorgeous maroon tulle skirt from Delicate Hijabi. I remember coming across a tulle skirt on Pinterest and I've been obsessed ever since. This skirt perfectly fit the criteria of an ideal tulle skirt and had the right amount of fullness. Tulle skirts are usually over the top so I love how this one is totally wearable without taking away from the classic characteristics of tulle.

The company currently has a sale going on so be sure to check out the other colors & styles!

You can find more information on their website: or by checking out their 

P.S - Yes, my Starbucks cup was the prop of the day for my OOTD hehe.

Stay warm & cozy everyone!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

City of Angels

Peace be upon you all! :)

After two years, I finally got a chance to revisit California. I totally love the city of Los Angeles and the beautiful scenery, vibe, food, and hospitality it has to offer. Houston is flat, I mean flat. We have no mountains, hills, nothing great of that sort so it's nice to appreciate nature and it's beauty in other States. As always, Cali was very welcoming and the city had so much to offer, I can't wait to go back.

Here are a few pictures from our visit to the Santa Monica pier. To my surprise, the weather was a lot cooler in Texas than Cali this past weekend.

I wore a chiffon trench-coat (flowed beautifully) as the weather was very in between hot & cold. Underneath, I layered a jersey shirt dress I found at Love Culture regularly priced at $14 which is a steal baby! It's the perfect black shirt dress a hijabi-or-modest fashionsita needs because we layer a whole LOT! They also had several other colors to choose from. I'll include all the links below.

And then on my way out I met this friendly guy! I think he liked me, hehe :D

Outfit Details:
Trench Coat - Foreign Exchange
Black Undershirt (long) - Love Culture
Bag - Aldo still available in many stores!
Shoes - Chinese Laundry but similar here, here, & here
Scarf - Cover33 
Cheers to a productive week!
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Cardigans for Fall!

Hey gorgeous people!

It feels like it has been forever since I blogged! Honestly after coming back from vacation, I hadn't taken a single OOTD picture until yesterday! I guess it was good to get away for a bit :). But now that I'm back, stay tuned for lots of collabs and post coming your way!

Since the "Fall effect" settles in very slowly in Texas, I'm adjusting my wardrobe one piece at a time. On my trip to the mall this past weekend, I picked up this super long and comfy cardigan as it fits the fall agenda effortlessly. Although I absolutely love dressing up, I equally love being casual. So naturally, I' gravitated towards the long cardigan trend that is going to be a fall staple this season!

Long cardi's are a must-have-fave given they're easy to "throw on top" casual jeans/t-shirts and the perfect ability to layer with it! Also for the modest fashionsita, this is an ideal trend you definitely want to keep up with - covered yet chic!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan - Forever21 but similar here, here, & here
Faux Leather Pants - Arden B but similar here
Bag - Alexander Wang but similar here (much cheaper!!!)
Shoes - Agaci
Scarf - Cover33
Shades - Forever21 similar here

More inspiration here:

Endless ways to style a long cardi! Will you be trying this trend? I would love to know!
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