Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Outfit Ideas Compilation!

Hi Guys!
I'm writing this special post for one of my closest and dearest friends! She's going on a vacation and wanted me to help her with some outfit ideas so I figured I might as well publish this publicly so you guys could benefit from it too! Hope you guys love it!

Long Cardigans:

Example of a similar style I wore here:

Plaid Tops:

Maxi Dresses:

(make sure to scroll to the right to see all the maxi dresses, I linked several)

I usually pair maxi dresses with a light weight jacket on top or if the style allows, I like to wear a white full sleeve (non-hijabi can also opt for short sleeves) top underneath. The "under tee" is on trend with current fashion styles!

Here is a look where I added jeans under a button down dress:

Original blogpost here

Light Weight Jackets:

(make sure to scroll to the right to see all the jackets, I linked several)

Incorporating jackets (denim, suede, peplum, bomber, leather - there are so many styles) with maxi dresses or anything sleeves is one of my style staples. It's so easy, comfy, and chic! I love the way it looks when the whole outfit comes together. If you want to add some sass, you can always tie a KNOT at the bottom of your dresses. Here is an example of an outfit I wore with a jacket:

You can find the original blogpost here

Tunic Dresses/Tops

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know this is my signature style. A flowy tunic, some jeans, and tasteful accessories - I swear by this look! Many of my ootd contain a simple top paired with jeans.
Denim Jeans:
I own so many pair of denim jeans, that one article of clothing that I buy sooo much of. There are countless styles in denim, I love it all. I've included several boyfriend, embroidery, and skinny jeans here. Don't be afraid of the tears, you can always wear leggings underneath!
I'll be back with more!
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Hi Guys!
I've mentioned this in my past blogpost before but I LOVE transitioning my wardrobe as the seasons change. Spring is such a fun season, although it may be very well short lived in the Texas heat, but when it does come around, wearing pale pink is one of my favorite colors! 

I originally bought this dress from Forever21 but sadly I could not find it online. I searched and searched and then gave up. I tried to link a similar pale pink dress, if that doesn't work, go check out your local Forever21, my location had many!
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A little GUCCI...nah its Zara

Hi Guys!
It's so awesome how fashion always makes a comeback years down the road. I remember being a young girl and floral/embroidered denim/jeans were so in. Now fast forward to 2017, that very style has come back! Yes they say fashion evolves, but quiet often than not, it comes back too!

The embroidered floral look has been all over the runway especially over at Gucci! Gucci has made a serious comeback and I'm totally digging everything in their collection.

I found the cutest pair of floral jeans when I was browsing the Zara in Miami. Thankfully it was the last one left in my size so of course, I snagged it. 

This duster is kind of old, I had bought it from a shop called Foreign Exahnge that has closed since. I've tried to link similar styles below.
Hope you guys are having a lovely week!

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Miami for the weekend!

Hi guys!
We're in Florida for the weekend! One of my husbands close friends is having a wedding event here so we flew out to partake in his festievies! Since it would be a short trip, I figured it'd be a great chance to bring Isa along. He was such an easy baby on the plane and trip so far, I'm so so glad I brought him along!

Anywho, here are some pictures I captured during our stay ft the Away "bigger carry on" luggage. I packed all my + isas stuff in here.

This tank actually sold out, I tried linking it! But you can sign up for it to be back in stock here:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TUMI Collab + Moving Update!

Hi Guysssss!

What a CRAZY weekend it was but I'm so happy to share, we've finally moved into our new home, yay!!!! Buying a home and moving - it was all a first time experience for me and I was clearly very oblivious to how draining the whole thing would be! Packing and shifting was NOT easy but I'm so glad its done. Now I need to get everything in order at the new house, its such a mess :(!

Anyway, as most of you may have already seen on my Instagram, I'm excited to share my collaboration with a phenomenal luggage brand - TUMI! My husband has been a longtime fan of their luggage and personal pieces so I was ecstatic to work with the company! 

Sharing some pictures ft the Calais Leather Backpack. This backpack is BAE! I can't get over how 'sexy' and practical it is! It seriously looks soooo lush and at the same time, you get to store all your necessities - from a laptop to baby essential to everyday things! I can't wait to travel with it - this will truly test it out!

And then of course a OOTD shot!

You can shop some similar and exact items I'm wearing by clicking the images below:

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