Monday, April 29, 2013


Happy Monday!
I was cleaning out my phone and came across a few pictures which I thought I'd share! In case you are reading this, Hi Nabila! Miss you!

Outfit Details:
Top & Hijab- Forever21
Belt- H&M
Pants- Zara similar style here
Bag- Boutique in Houston but you can find a similar style here.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I wear my heart on my Hijab

The weekends always flies by in a blink of an eye! I had a chance to get out of Houston this weekend and go to Dallas with a couple of girl friends for a friends bachelorette party. We stayed at her uncles mansion, Champ D'or, and it was absolutely amazing! Such a pretty house!

 Dallas itself is a nice city, a lot similar to Houston though. I will admit the city is a lot cleaner than Houston and the area we stayed in was nice and quiet. Perfect mini getaway! 
We went to Dish for brunch on Sunday and here is what I wore:

On the terrace!

Outfit details:
Shirt - Love Culture
Pants - Forever21
Hijab- Sasha
Bag-  Alexander Wang

My food was sooo yummy. I got the Stuffed Brioche French Toast which came with Bananas, Warm Maple Syrup, and Smoked Pecans! MMMMM!!! I was being smart and shared this with a friend as I knew I would be over the sweetness after a few bites, ha!



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paint me, Lilac Nails!


I needed a little bit of pampering yesterday after a long day at work so I headed to Venetian Nail salon to get my hands all pretty!

The nail trend of the moment: pastel, soft, and delicate colors! The salon was definitely up to par, offering a plethora of spring inspired shades to chose from. I couldn't help resist (although I do prefer wearing darker polish), so after minutes of indecisiveness, I gave into this pretty lilac color!

Essie, Lilacism for my hands:

(The Essie bottle reflects more of a purple hue vs my nails. Variation in color probably due to the lighting!)

I've got a tons of compliments on my nails already, hehe! Totally loving this shade right now!

What are your favorite spring shades?


Monday, April 22, 2013

Lash Love!


Today's post is about my favorite mascaras. If you know me, you know my obsession with eyelashes! I'm always on a hunt for a new mascara-definitely one of those mascara junkies who gets convinced by every mascara ad out there!

I have tried almost everything in the mascara bible and I think I've finally found my favorite drug store and high-end mascara!

3 things I look for in a mascara: Volume, Separation, and length! (who doesn't?!)
One thing about my lashes is that they are annoyingly curly, especially in the outer ends. So for me, its important I have a brush that has enough bristles to get into the super curled areas. The winner mascaras are...

1) They're Real! - By Benefit
2) Lots of Lashes - By Maybelline

1) Benefits They're Real mascara has great consistency which makes the formula easily buildable on the lashes. When brand new its a little wet but within a few days the formula is perfect. It does a fabulous job at thickening, defining, and separating the lashes. The cannonball shape at the end of the wand works really well in hard to primp areas. The only cons I find is its a little stubborn in washing off and it costs $23 bucks!
I'm wearing Benefits They're Real in the pictures below:


 2) Maybelline Lots of Lashes has a thick formula which aids in providing tons of volume to the lashes. The mascara applies evenly, does a fabulous job at separating, and adds length. You can never go wrong with this green tube. Best of all, its under $5 bucks! I usually apply more than one coat to get my desired look.
 I'm wearing Maybelline Lots of Lashes in the pictures below:

The brush on both of these mascaras is so good, it truly reaches every single lash! It gets right into my curly spots and it does a fantastic job on my lower lashes as well.
Does anyone else have a similar lash problem?
What is your favorite mascara?