Lash Love!


Today's post is about my favorite mascaras. If you know me, you know my obsession with eyelashes! I'm always on a hunt for a new mascara-definitely one of those mascara junkies who gets convinced by every mascara ad out there!

I have tried almost everything in the mascara bible and I think I've finally found my favorite drug store and high-end mascara!

3 things I look for in a mascara: Volume, Separation, and length! (who doesn't?!)
One thing about my lashes is that they are annoyingly curly, especially in the outer ends. So for me, its important I have a brush that has enough bristles to get into the super curled areas. The winner mascaras are...

1) They're Real! - By Benefit
2) Lots of Lashes - By Maybelline

1) Benefits They're Real mascara has great consistency which makes the formula easily buildable on the lashes. When brand new its a little wet but within a few days the formula is perfect. It does a fabulous job at thickening, defining, and separating the lashes. The cannonball shape at the end of the wand works really well in hard to primp areas. The only cons I find is its a little stubborn in washing off and it costs $23 bucks!
I'm wearing Benefits They're Real in the pictures below:


 2) Maybelline Lots of Lashes has a thick formula which aids in providing tons of volume to the lashes. The mascara applies evenly, does a fabulous job at separating, and adds length. You can never go wrong with this green tube. Best of all, its under $5 bucks! I usually apply more than one coat to get my desired look.
 I'm wearing Maybelline Lots of Lashes in the pictures below:

The brush on both of these mascaras is so good, it truly reaches every single lash! It gets right into my curly spots and it does a fantastic job on my lower lashes as well.
Does anyone else have a similar lash problem?
What is your favorite mascara?



  1. Lol remember that place we went to for lashes and 2 weeks later what our halaat was! Miss you!!!