Resham Collection Review

Salaam beauties, Happy Friday!
I received a wonderful little package from Resham Collection which included four of their Hijabs that I will be reviewing in this post.
First of all, I am a sucker for detail in packaging. I love when things are wrapped neatly to the T. Resham Collection packaging was just that. The impeccable matte brown box which contained the Hijabs wrapped in brown tissue paper, the bright pink ribbon beautifully tied, and the 'thank you' card which had Hijab pins inserted in it- how cute!
How adorable is the packaging? I absolutely loved it. Okay enough about that, moving on to the actual purpose: the Hijabs. Here are the four Hijabs I received (images were taken directly from the Resham Collection website.)

 Are you dying yet?! Cause I was ^_^.
Over the course of my Hijabi journey, I've learned to differentiate between a "perfect hijab" and a "sucky hijab". A lot of the times, a Hijab will be pretty but it will be sucky and sometimes it wont be pretty but it'll be perfect. Hold your horses, let me explain my reasoning. There are certain qualities I look for in a Hijab- size and material matter the most because this will determine how the Hijab sits on your head and how it frames your face. Therefor, if a Hijab is pretty but the size and material sucks, its an immediate no-no for me.

 Resham Hijabs fell into the "perfect" category for four main reasons:
1) Maxi size- For all you volume and coverage girls out there, this is the definition of a maxi Hijab! There is so much cloth to work with and it provides significant amount of chest coverage as well as volume for those who like to wear Hijab big ;) (me, me!). Due to its size, it is easy to wear the Hijab in more than one style. The measurements slightly differ but is around 200cm x 98cm.
2) Material & Comfort- The texture was one of the first things I noticed about the Hijabs. The material is so lightweight and soft to the touch! When I wore them out, the softness vouched for it all! I felt comfortable and it did not add to my misery of melting in Houston's heat. The softness of the Hijab also makes it easy to find a perfect fold to frame the face and aids in the creation of layers for added volume. The material for the Ombre is Viscose while the others are a Polyester Cotton blend.
3) Contemporary & Paisley print -  I'm picky when it comes to wearing busy Hijabs as I feel they can easily become "tacky" or "too much" if there is a plethora of prints running through the fabric. Although these Hijabs were all "busy", they make all the right statements. The Ombre Polkadot and Paisley print are my favs! Each Hijab has beautiful detail and colors drawn into them. I received a few compliment the first time I wore them out!
4) Quality & Finishing - Lets be honest, Hijab quality varies. Some will last a few wears (esp if you wash them) and some will last longer. I haven't washed any of these babies yet but thus far, the quality has held up. ( I wore one of them twice!). The finishing is neat; all the ends are neatly sewn and no frays are visible except on the Ombre Polkadot which was intended for style.

Resham Collection will be offering a special discount code for any of my readers who are interested in getting their hands on the collection. Simply insert "MARYAM10" at checkout and receive 10% off your order! But you better hurry, the offer is valid only for the month!
For more information, please visit: or visit their Facebook Page at
Twitter: @resham_c
Instagram: reshamcollection

Outfit details and more pictures to follow in a new post featuring the other Resham Collection Hijabs.

What is your definition of a "perfect" or "sucky" hijab? What qualities do you look for? I would love to know!




  1. Mashallah your so beautiful and I liked the blog so informative and got so much out of it. <3