Monday, September 30, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Hi everyone!
So did any of you get a chance to get first dibs on any of the Phillip Lim collection? As per the usual designer Target collaborations, many anticipated buyers were strategically ready to get the items they had been eyeing. The online merchandise sold out pretty fast and your next best bet was the in-store merchandise.  Many stores around Houston had dozens of eager buyers waiting outside the doors of Target before 8 am.

As expected, the purses were the first to go especially the mini doppelganger Pashli.  I am kind of glad I didn't go through that mayhem but was lucky enough to snag the items I wanted the next day, woo-hoo!
I bought the Mini Pashli in Taupe and its so, so cute! The size is perfect for a side bag and fits a decent amount of items, score! The quality of the purse is obviously not impeccable, but for a "designer" collab bag, it works.   The material of the bag is Polyurethane and it looked best on the smaller bags. The bigger the bag, the more cheaper & flimsy the quality appeared, at least in my humble opinion. 
I didn't love anything from the clothing collection asides from the 'BOOM' pullover! I was looking forward to it and to my surprise, the racks were full of them. I'm not loving the fit and I wish the material was a bit softer but despite all that, I still picked up a size small.
And here I am wearing the sweater! I was aiming for comfort so decided to pair it with flowy wide legs. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater - Phillip Lim for Target
Cross body bag - Phillip Lim for Target
Pants: Sasha
Hijab: Stay tuned ;)
The pullover was priced at $29.99, the mini Pashli was $34.99, and the black medium satchel was $44.99.

Although stores will not be restocking on the items (marketing strategy to make people more crazy), here are some shopping tips:

1) Check your Target now (since its been a few weeks) as online buyers may have returned items and people who snagged more than necessary might have returned as well.
2) Ask the customer service desk if any returns had been made and ask them to locate it in the store.
3) Check the dressing room, a lot of stuff sits there in hiding before it makes it back to the racks.
4) Check eBay or social media hashtags to see if anyone is selling at a SENSIBLE price. Seriously, its not worth spending more than $20 over the retail price.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Perfect FALL Pallet

When it comes to shadow, I always love me a Smokey look! One that's soft and complimenting to my eyes. My favorite hues around this time of the year are deeper tones which is why the new Lavish Pallet, courtesy of  Anastasia Beverly Hills (thank you!!!) is perfect for Fall!

(pictures from Sephora)

For $38, it an all inclusive deal! You get all the things shown above: 10 vibrant shadows, tweezers, eyebrow pencil, covet liner in Black, and a two sided brush! As a bonus, the pallet also contains a 'how-to' insert featuring some of Instagrams hottest makeup artist!!!!
:D Basically a step by step- what else do you possibly need?
 The sleek packaging also make this a great traveling kit since everything you need is in one tiny box! Anastasia also sent me their 'Eye Covet' liners which glide on like perfection.

Here are some of the looks I created using only the shadows from this pallet:
Lid - Moss
Crease - Sienna (my fav!!!)
Liner -  Inglot #77

Lid - Antique
Crease - Sienna
Inner Corner - Black Diamond

Drew liner with Black Diamond
Crease - Sienna
The shadows blend seamlessly, have great buildable color, and staying power!  I was able to create a look that was intense as I added more layers of color on my eyes. At the same time, I was also able to achieve a softer look by applying only one layer of shadow. All three looks lasted me the entire day without creasing (primer was used).
If you're looking for an affordable pallet with a touch of glamour, this one is definitely recommended!

Dark Hues

Outfit Details:
Black Cardigan - Love Culture
Hijab- Charlotte Russe
Pants- Zara
Wedges - Sasha

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whats on the runway?

So who has been keeping up with NYFW? If you haven't don't you worry- I got you covered.
It was all about details this time around. So many beautiful and whimsical designs, I want them all!
 Keep your eyes peeled for these trends to take over Spring 2014!
never ceases to impress!
Mixing floral with edgy, mixing floral with black- just genius! ^_^

 Helmut Lang 
Crisp white tailored to perfection!

Soft neutral details. Love the wispy texture of the material and the hue is TDF!

 Rebecca Minkoff 
 Orange Mint anyone? And look at the hair, braids!
 I feel spring and white Christmas in one.
Tadashi Shoji
 The detailing of feather fringes is just impeccable.
Tadashi Shoji 
Fair enough to call this delicate proportions!
Noon by Noor 
 So feminine and whimsical.
Mara Hoffman
 Color me in bold hues; something I would totally wear!
And of course, we haven't forgotten our men:
 Ralph Lauren

 Timo Weiland
 Todd Snyder
A well dressed man is the best accessory. I know I can vouch for that ;) hehe.

Some serious fashion inspiration. I will definitely be taking inspiration from these designers, will you!?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Whats hot right now: NYFW!

A little education and background on NYFW!
Fashion week occurs two times out of the year in the major F capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, London, & New York. Autumn/Winter fashion week is held during September - November and Summer/Spring fashion week is held January- April. The reason these shows are held months in advance of the appropriate season is to unveil the sensational collections to the press and buyers of what is to come. This also buys retailers time to arrange/purchase/incorporate the inspirations taken from the shows into their own retail marketing. Many designers come together to show case their creations and many celebrities, editors for large magazines, and buyers from the biggest stores attend.
For those of us who can't (since it is not open to the public), we can often find pages filled with pictures from the show in various magazines, notably Vogue.
The Runway:
The runway is the perfect place to get inspiration: many editors at influential magazines will note which looks/garments to display in their coming editions. It is where many bloggers will look to identify key trends and colors for the coming season, and it is where new textiles are first seen. Lastly, runway also opens the platform of opportunities for Models to be seen and casted in editorial shots or brand campaigns. The runway is the crucible in which the beauty standard is first forged.
Fashion week will be held in New York from September 5-12!
to get a glimpse of more glamour, checkout
I can't wait to see what trends will be taking over the fashion world!
Stay tuned for my top favorites!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Lulwa Boutique

Hiii! Welcome back to reality after the long weekend! :)
I recently came across a new jewelry boutique that offers beautiful statement pieces at affordable prices! The founder and owner, Rachel was generous enough to send me this beautiful piece from her Lulwa collection:

 I initially saw this piece online and let me tell you- the pictures do it no justice! I was in awe when I opened up the packaging at how sparkly and stunning it truly was. The detailing of the necklace is impeccable; each stone is secure in its place and the finishing is neat. For the price of $9.99, it has been made with incredible quality!

  Modeling away my bling bling hehe

All glitz and glam in one piece!

Outfit Details:
Silk Hijab - forever21
Necklace- Lulwa Boutique
Palazzo Pants - Sasha
Black Vest - H&M
I decided to pair this necklace with all black so it could be the prime focus.
For my readers that are within the states, Lulwa offers free shipping in the US!
Go check them out and let me know what you think!