3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Hi everyone!
So did any of you get a chance to get first dibs on any of the Phillip Lim collection? As per the usual designer Target collaborations, many anticipated buyers were strategically ready to get the items they had been eyeing. The online merchandise sold out pretty fast and your next best bet was the in-store merchandise.  Many stores around Houston had dozens of eager buyers waiting outside the doors of Target before 8 am.

As expected, the purses were the first to go especially the mini doppelganger Pashli.  I am kind of glad I didn't go through that mayhem but was lucky enough to snag the items I wanted the next day, woo-hoo!
I bought the Mini Pashli in Taupe and its so, so cute! The size is perfect for a side bag and fits a decent amount of items, score! The quality of the purse is obviously not impeccable, but for a "designer" collab bag, it works.   The material of the bag is Polyurethane and it looked best on the smaller bags. The bigger the bag, the more cheaper & flimsy the quality appeared, at least in my humble opinion. 
I didn't love anything from the clothing collection asides from the 'BOOM' pullover! I was looking forward to it and to my surprise, the racks were full of them. I'm not loving the fit and I wish the material was a bit softer but despite all that, I still picked up a size small.
And here I am wearing the sweater! I was aiming for comfort so decided to pair it with flowy wide legs. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater - Phillip Lim for Target
Cross body bag - Phillip Lim for Target
Pants: Sasha
Hijab: Stay tuned ;)
The pullover was priced at $29.99, the mini Pashli was $34.99, and the black medium satchel was $44.99.

Although stores will not be restocking on the items (marketing strategy to make people more crazy), here are some shopping tips:

1) Check your Target now (since its been a few weeks) as online buyers may have returned items and people who snagged more than necessary might have returned as well.
2) Ask the customer service desk if any returns had been made and ask them to locate it in the store.
3) Check the dressing room, a lot of stuff sits there in hiding before it makes it back to the racks.
4) Check eBay or social media hashtags to see if anyone is selling at a SENSIBLE price. Seriously, its not worth spending more than $20 over the retail price.




  1. I just came across your blog and its a fun read :) I love your style and how you write down and explain every piece of outfit you wear. I have a question for you: how do you make your hijab like that? I mean what do you wear under your under scarf to get the volume? I tried flower voluminous clip thing I got from a hijab store and I cant wear it. It is sooo uncomfortable.
    Please replly!! :))