Fall lips & nails

Want to know what one of the biggest accessories on the runways is? Tips & lips! Yes your nails and your lips!
 Nail and lip art is always varying in shades but having the right color is everything this season.
This fall when picking a lacquer, think deep! While black is the all-time fall favorite, other deep colors can cast the same spell. Think midnight blues, oxblood, emerald green, and amethyst!
I rounded up a few of my favorites and jotted down the lacquers you must get your hands on ASAP!
Tip: Fake longer fingers by creating the illusion of longer nails by rounding them into an oval or almond like shape.
 The color you wear on your lips is always a statement so this fall, play with your darker side. Think deep plums, deep reds, or a classic red. This trend has gotten all celebs from Kim K to to Jennifer Hudson going wild! You've got to try at least one!
Tip: To get matte lips, dust powder on lips before applying lipstick. To prevent super chapped lips from matte formula lipsticks (like the above) apply Vaseline or a clear lip balm 5 mins before applying lipstick.
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  1. love those colors!!!!