Oct/Nov Favorites!

Hi Guys!
I wanted to write today's post on my current beauty faves for the month of Oct & Nov.
I recently went to Sephora and picked up a few things that were on my wish list for sometime:
1) Beauty Blender
The beauty blender buzz was everywhere- from mentions in magazines to friend/beauty bloggers swearing it was the best makeup tool ever. I decided to give it a try and so far, I am a fan! The same day I used the blender, I received compliments on my foundation at a party I attend that evening. I got asked what I did different and the answer was my application!
Price: $19
Pros: flawless finish, spreads evenly, pointed tip works well for concealer, no cake-like finish
Cons: Time consuming, may use up more product
 In order to get the flawless finish, you have to bounce, bounce, bounce. My arms were so tired after I applied my foundation LOL. Also, I noticed I had to use double the amount of foundation as the sponge sucked up the product. With my brush, I usually use one pump of foundation. With the beauty blender, I ended up using two! However, the flawless finish weighs more than these cons!
Grade: A
2) Glam Glow Mask
Again, I came across this mask due to its buzz! I got a sample from Sephora and I must tell you, best MASK EVER! Very effective- I instantly saw a difference in my skin when I removed the mask. My skin felt much tighter, smoother, and brighter. The volcanic rocks did an excellent job in exfoliation as it revealed smooth, supple skin that was hiding below! The green tree extracts added a tingle yet soothing effect and the mud was perfect as it tightened. However, I will say, I did not notice much difference in pore size after my first use but my foundation went on super smooth!
Price: $69
Pros: Makes feel skin tighter instantly, removes skin impurity in first use, excellent exfoliation, cool/tingly feeling
Cons: expensive, small quantity
Grade: A+
3) Urban Decay Vice 2
I picked up this pallet after Irene Sarah used it in one of her Halloween makeup tutorials. I'm not crazy for eye shadow and the only pallets I own are the naked 2 and the Lavish pallet. I decided I'd give this a chance since it contained such beautiful gem inspired colors. I used it while I was in New York and the outcome was gorgeous. I didn't even use a primer and the colors still stood out! I don't think I would consider this pallet expensive because it comes with 20 different colors.
Price: $59
Pros: Great pigmentation, velvety texture, easily blend able, lasting shadow, no primer needed
Cons: None
 Grade: A+
4) Hourglass Ambient Pallet
One word: SPARKLY! I love love love this pallet. I was a little hesitant about purchasing this but I am so glad I did. This beautiful limited edition trio adds the right amount of shimmer for that perfect finish. The sparkles are so fine and it gives such a translucent glow. I've used it to highlight and I absolutely loved the glow it gave me. My favorite is the middle shade. 
Price: $59
Pros: Shimmery, excellent for highlight, blend able, lasting sparkle
Cons: expensive, Limited edition- sold out
Grade: A
5) Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer
I picked up a lighter shade for the purpose of highlight. I've used it under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose. So far, its okay. I don't think I love it but I do like it a lot. The consistency of the product is very smooth and it spreads easily. Sometimes it looks fabulous and sometimes it seems more cake like.
Price: $28
Pros: Good coverage, blends easily, smooth consistency, luminous finish
Cons: expensive, slight amount of creasing and settling into fine lines, can be cakey
Grade: B+
6) Maybelline Baby Lips
I love keeping my lips hydrated and during the day especially at work, I opt for lips balms instead of lipsticks. Maybelline Baby Lips have been my favorite since they first came out so when they released the "Dr. Resuce" version, I had to try it. What I love mostly about Baby Lips is they do not leave any lip color residue- at all! I've worn this product so much that its hands down the best lip balm out there. It gives you the perfect amount of lip tint and does an excellent job at hydrating. All for four bucks!
Price: $4
Pros: inexpensive, hydrating, tint of color
Cons: None
Grade: A+
I realize some of these products are $$$ but in my opinion, they are worth it. I of course did not purchase all the items above at the same time but I am satisfied with the outcome. Maryam approved ladies!
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  1. Salm-alikum

    I love your style and you sure have inspired me for wearing a hijab inshallah.

    Can you suggest some good foundation and concealers for dry skin. My nose is though oily and have pores so any good concealer suggestion also please.

    Thank you and keep up with the posts ;)