Today's post will be featuring some stunning statement jewelry from Co'Couture!
I was sent these beautiful pieces from Saba, the owner of Co'Couture. As many of you Hijabistas know, it can be a struggle to get your necklace to peep through under your Hijab. What I found to be a positive factor in Co'Couture pieces were the various lengths of the necklaces. Although some are aimed to be more towards the neck, quiet a few were long.

The gorgeous 'Cabo'
The gorgeous "Koh Samui"

Style Tip: You can always use an end of a smaller necklace to make another necklace longer. Simply hook on the smaller necklace onto the end of the one you want to wear to provide additional length!

I'm wearing 'Cabo' in the pictures below:

I matched my lip color with the hot pink stones in the necklace ;)

This was by far, my absolute favorite! The colors and the sparkle had me in awe ^_^. I can't wait to wear it again! hehe

The quality of these pieces are so far amazing. They are not flimsy and light, you can totally feel the durablity of the necklace when you hold it. I've seen this style at Zara but it sold out so fast, so I'm glad I was able to get this from Co'Couture. Every piece is so versatile, I love it! Stay tuned to see how I style Koh Samui next!

Website: Co'Couture
Instagram: Co'CoutureInsta

Do you like statement jewlery? I would love to know!



  1. Salama sister, can you do tutorial for how you style this hijab? I have the same hijab like you wear and I don't know how to style it. Thank you