Steal the Deal!

Salaam everyone!

Lately I've seen a particular style of necklace become an instant- head turning- trend being adorned by every fashionista and gossiped about on every blog (who knew a piece of jewelry could be so popular). I've been wanting to get my hands on this particular piece for sometime now but couldn't give into paying $39+ for it. But then I spotted a miracle when I stumbled into one of my all time favorite stores...
TADA! There it was in all its glory patiently waiting for me!

Pictures are from Forever21

 With a modest price tag of only $14.80 the deal  unexpectedly became even sweeter. Currently all jewelry is 30% off so instead of paying $14.80 you'll get it for $10.36! *inserts happy dance!*
Naturally, I had to snag both the color options! 
Now tell me ladies, would you consider this a deal?! I can't wait to style it!
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  1. Is so pretty and I have bought as well from forever 21 here in Malaysia it just slightly diff pattern. I am your follower at IG and your blog as well and love your style such an inspiration:)

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you got the necklaces too! You are too sweet! xoxo

  2. i adore your blog, i get so much inspiration from you!!
    you're tooo gorgeous!

    1. I adore you! Thank you for the lovely comment. I've captured your link to browse in my spare time, cant wait to read InshAllah! xoxo