H&M Conscious Exclusive!

One of my all time favorite retail shops is h&m and when I heard about the third 'Exclusive Conscious' collection, I was so ecstatic! I went to the extent of setting an alarm on my phone as a reminder to shop the collection at 9 am sharp tehehe. I had browsed the collection beforehand on the website and was truly in awe- something along the lines of love at first sight. There were so many beautiful pieces in the collection, from an A-line dress to the perfect Cinderella gown, I wanted to have it ALL!
If you're a detail freak and into the whole boho-chic-vibe, this collection entirely would have appealed to you. With stunning details and outstanding craftsmanship, this line gave a whole new name to future fashion.  With the added perks of the collection being eco-friendly - using the most sustainable/recycled fabrics -landed the collection as one of the most anticipated collaborations to launch with h&m!
Price point ranged from $17.95 to $595.95

Photo credit: H&M

I really wanted the lace dress (pictured in the middle) and the shoulder necklace but it was gone too fast.

Did any of you get a chance to snag the pieces you wanted? I would love to know!
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  1. I would have loved to own the structured self printed dress in the second picture but it was so pricey!
    I had my eye on the palazzo pants but they were gone so fast like you said.
    Can't wait for the Alexander Wand Collaboration in the winter!!! Will have to save up ^_^ x

    1. Indeed pricey! But everything was so gorgeous! I got one of the items but stay tuned to see what it was and for what is was ;).