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Hi Ladies!
One of my favorite ways to score deals and unique clothing items is through online shopping! Quite often I get asked about where I do most of my shopping (check out 'my favorites' tab above) and how I manage to find 'long tops!' 
Online shopping can be both tricky and lucky but in order to remain lucky, you've got to make sure you nail down the basics! That's where I come in! To make your experience less troublesome, I've put together a useful guide which will make online shopping that much easier! 
Time to elaborate:

1) Knowing your measurements is key to having a successful shopping experience. Sizes vary based on brand and countries so know your basic measurements. When you're shopping, make sure you take a quick glance at the available 'size chart' for each item to ensure you are selecting the appropriate size. Styles vary which means sizes vary as well.
2) USE THE SEARCH BAR! I cant emphasize this enough! Online shopping can quickly become overwhelming when you're searching through page after page filled with items. Narrow your search so you get to see exactly what you want. This eliminates the overwhelming "I'm over it" factor. Personal Tip: Instead of looking through 'Tops' I directly look through the 'Dresses' sections. Most of my shirts are not meant to be tops but are dresses. This is how I always score my 'long shirts.'
3) Online stores often have different merchandise available online and in stores! Skim through the sale section FIRST to ensure you snag a couple steals before splurging.
4) Never online shop without seeking a promo/discount code! Having a promo code to knock 15-20% off or even score free shipping makes the online experience a tad bit more exciting! And it is quite likely you will find deals online more than in stores. My all time favorite discount site to raid beforehand is: RetailMeNot
5) If a review is available, read it! It's much more practical to get perspective from an actual customer who has purchased the item then to believe the fancied up description given for the item. Many times, a review is my sole factor in purchasing or dropping an item.
6) Act as if you won the lottery! Fill up your cart with whatever catches your eye or makes you want to make that fashion risk! Leaving out an item also leaves you with regrets once you're towards the end of your shopping. Adding whatever is appealing (obviously) will give you a better chance of finalizing the items in your cart when it's time for checkout.
These are the tips I use when I online shop (which is a lot) and I'm 99% satisfied when my items come to my front door so I'm positive these will be helpful to you!
Do you have any tips to share?! If so, please share as I would love to know!
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  2. Maryam great view such a nice and unique writing about online shopping .Tips you had given here is workable in some instant and really elaborate our time .I also use coupon code and avail such kinds of deals online .Last night I bought a dress for my wife by using macys coupon code to present her as a birthday gift.

    1. Hi Raven!

      I'm so glad to hear my tips helped you in shopping for your wife! I'm sure she loved the dress.

      All the best,

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