Hi ladies!
As many of you probably know through my Instagram, I spent the weekend in Cancun, Mexico! We were celebrating our overdue Honeymoon but it was worth the wait. Can't put into words how magnificent the creation of the world is, it truly amazes me everyday! If the creation is so beautiful, I wonder how beautiful God is! (Praise be to Him!)

The water clarity was indescribable! I'm so used to seeing Galveston water (LOL) so I couldn't wrap my head around how glorious and different the scenery in Cancun was. Although very attractive in appearance, water is one of my biggest fears due to my inability to swim. I really wish I overcame my fear of water beforehand that way I would've thoroughly enjoyed my trip. Oh well, it's an excuse to use for next time! ;)

Anyway, onto fashion, here is what I wore for the first day! I remained fairly casual afterwards because of all the activities and beaching so this is one of the very few 'fashionable' ensembles I wore. Enjoy!

Outfit Details:
Dress-  c/o A La Mode collection
Scarf - Awrah Hijabs
Bag - Aldo
Shoes - Charlotte Russe but similar here

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