YouTube Hijab Tutorial

Hello Ladies!
So guess what I finally did today?! I recorded a video on how I do my Hijab (scarf style) - finally! So let me be honest - IT IS A LOT EASIER THAN IT LOOKS! Omg, I seriously struggled with this one. Pictures not a problem , I can effortlessly shoot all day but man oh man, recording was so not easy. The whole process was such a challenge and my final result was so sucky haha oh well. I literally tried recording myself a handful of times until I gave up. Whatever, I hope it suffices and you guys learn from it. I need a lot more learning with YouTube so I doubt I'll be a frequent upload-er and I'm okay with that >_<
Anyways, for those interested, here is the link:
Hope you guys like it lol.
If you guys have tips for me PLEASE share!!!!
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