Hi beauties!
So let's be real, when it comes to organization, that is not my forte! I'm the type of gal who is usually always in some kind of hurry and I often find myself scrambling as I pace out the door. When Snupps, a company which models after 'social organizing' contacted me to try out their application, I was ecstatic. Finally a enjoyable yet simple way to organize the 'simple' things in life!
Let's dive into some more detail: Snupps basically lets you organize your personal collection of things/ideas in an approach that's both fun and interactive. For example, every individual will have a unique gallery filled with their personal favorite items ranging from a collection of  antiques, magazines, music, fashion, jewelry, food,you name it! The point is to store these items or ideas on your 'shelves' so you have better access/view to this information when needed. As for me, I love gathering fashion inspiration before crafting my OOTD! I created a 'shelf' just for that. I've also created another shelf to store my fashion bags which I currently own and aspire to own, hehe. The cool part about all this is that your profile has the option to be 'public' so you can share the creativity of your 'shelves' with other Snuppers of similar interest leading to fun social engagement. 
Here is a sneakpeak into one of my Snupp Shelves:

If you desire more information, watch this quick video to learn more!
Follow me by downloading Snupps, you can find me @mfasadullah!
Let's connect and organize beauties!
What do you think of this application? Would you find this useful? I would love to know!
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