Update - Denver, Colorado!

Hi Guys!
So my husband works out in Denver Colorado and he convinced me to take a trip to check it out. I'm so glad I went because it was absolutely beautiful!!! No words to describe the scenery and the beauty surrounding the city given Houston is so flat and boring lol. We did some amazing things like driving up Mountain Peaks (up to 12,000 ft high!), visiting the 'Garden of the Gods', the Zoo, and Estes Park. It was so crazy because at one point during our mountain drive, we legit experienced all four seasons. On one side you'd witness the bright sun accompanied by greenery and within the next thousand feet you'd experience minor rain which converted into snow because it was sooo cold.

Looks like a painting! Unreal!

This is at 12,000 ft, I could almost touch the sky. Well I think I possibly did!

Overseeing 'Garden of the gods' 

Outfit 1 Details:
Top- Forever21 but similar here
Scarf - Cover33 
Shoes - Converse

Outfit 2 Details:
Leather Jacket - Express similar here
Long Plaid Shirt - H&M but similar here
Scarf - Awra Collection but similar here
Shoes - Converse

If you appreciate nature, I suggest taking a trip to Colorado, it will leave you in awe! :D
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  1. Gorgeous Pictures! My husband and I went to Denver a few weeks ago. It is so beautiful there! You are definitely right about how often the weather changes there.

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