Inspire me-chic!

Peace be upon you, my lovelies!
Hope you guys are having a fabulous week thus far! As always, I can't wait for the weekend, lol why is that?!
Anyhow, I got a chance to step into something pretty over the weekend and something a little different from my everyday casual style. This dress bids the perfect farewell to a fun-filled-long summer, oh how I will miss it! 

Outfit Details:
Dress - C/o Inspire Me Chic
Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Christian Louboutin in 'So Kate'
Bag - LV Alma 
I know a lot of you girlies are on the hunt for modest long dresses very so often and I'm glad I can share this company with you all. The dress fit me sooo perfectly, literally like a glove, and was so feminine and flirty. I was relived to find it fully lined so I truly didn't have anything to worry about - as that is not the case for many dresses. The only thing I regretted was not receiving it sooner so I could've rocked it during Eid/SUMMER! :). But you guys can for Eid Al-Adha, in my opinion, it's the perfect dress for a formal occasion or Eid!

Be sure to check out Inspire Me Chic to see the full collection.
What did you guys think? Do you like the look? I would love to know!
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  1. What a beautiful outfit! Can defo see it transition into the fall season too x