I've hit 100k on my INSTAGRAM!!! Wow, what a rewarding surpise to wake up to! It's so crazy how this journey has evolved over the past year. What went from a simple photo-editing app into a full time fashion hobby, ahh I couldn't be more thankful. I love being an inspiration to sooo many of you guys and it's all possible because of you! Thank you so much, I love you guys!!!
(the daily struggle of adjusting lolll)

What I'm wearing: Grey Overthrow , Stripped shirt - Target but similar here (a new favorite!), Scarf - Cover33, Sunnies - Prada (love the circle shape on a heart shaped face!!) but a steal here , Denim - Zara but similar here  (you can always cuff them yourself just make sure they're long so the effect is possible). 
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