Abaya Lovin' - Alamode Collection

Happy Friday loves!

I was so excited about this collaboration with Alamode Collection featuring their new line of...abayas! Since Ramadan is just around the corner (June 6 or 7 iA!!!!) I figured it'd be ideal to share a review on an abaya - especially for those who are seeking to get a new one for Ramadan 2016!

Personally when I go to the Masjid, I only wear Abaya as I find it muchhhh easier! You can seriously concentrate better in taraweeh prayers when you're comfortable - lol well at least for me! Abaya's are a perfect throw over that make you look polished even if you aren't underneath!

Loving this PEARL one from Alamode Collection. It's not too flowy - which I preferf at the moments. It's more "A line" with big sleeves. It will definitely be my Ramadan go-to Abaya, yay!

Obviously I wouldn't wear it to the Masjid like this lol, I just dressed it up for pictures. Maybe I'd wear it out if I lived in Dubai, everyoneeee in Dubai looks like this - glamorous! 

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  1. Love this scarf! Which one from your collection is it?

    1. Hi! It's this one: