Muhammad Ali

It is with great sadness I write this post about an influential individual whose name has graced every household across the world. Muhammad Ali has passed away.

Growing up, I remember learning about him for the first time and I was so awe inspired by his strength, his ambition, his eloquence in speaking but more so his name and how he personally picked the Prophets name to be his after forsaking his "slave" name. Something about this man gave me a sense of pride -  that we both shared the same religion, that we both called onto the same God. He spoke up during times no one did and he always lead by example. It is a true loss for the black community, the Muslim community, and humanity in general.

I pray he has an easy journey onto the next life and may God make this difficult time easy for his family.

The fight may be over now but your legend will last forever.

Rest in peace, Champ.

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