Quick Bumpdate!

Hi Guys!!!!

I'm so sorry - it feels like absolutely forever since I've written a blog-post! Honestly speaking, the last trimester of my pregnancy has me drained!!! So many experienced mommies had advised I get everything important done while I had energy in my second trimester but of course, I did not heed to their advice and now here I am - doing things last minute and suffering LOL.

Pregnancy has been good but this last semester is just sooo exhausting. I feel like an out of shape individual, huffing and puffing once I reach the top of a stair set lol. I can hardly walk without having to catch my breath and I get fatigued sooo easily, waaah! But hey, the ultimate countdown has begun! Just a month left now, inshAllah!

I've been thinking of packing my hospital bag! Does anyone have advice on what is necessary to keep? Any suggestions will be helpful. Perhaps once I get the bag together, I can do a quick blogpost on it!

Anyways guys, keep me in your prayers and hopefully I'll keep you all updated in the weeks to come!

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