I'm back!

Hiii guys!!!!!!!
I'M BACK and it feels sooo good! I've missed blogging so much! Being a new mom is definitely challenging in terms of managing time, I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day! In between diaper changes, breastfeeding, new born adjustments, and spit-up-clean-ups, I just don't know where the day (especially nights) go! Can't believe I am 9 weeks PP (post-partum today) and Isa is 2 months, mashAllah!
I can't wait to blog about my l&d (labor & delivery) story and update you guys on the transition to Mom life. Let me know if you guys want in on anything else!
I'm adding a few pictures I took over the past few weeks in my quick attempt to capture my OOTDs! 
Isa BABY!!! So cute, baby feet!

 Fall ready in this long duster from Forever21 and Olive Hijab from Cover33
Outside of a brunch place! Top is Forever21!

 At a dear friends Aqeeqah with my little baby & not to mention - fabulous stroller ;)

LOVE this wrap c/o Solly Baby! When Isa is fussy I wrap him in here and I can accomplish a full days worth of work! Definitely one of my top new-mom favorites!
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  1. Assalamu 3alaykum!
    Congratulations for your baby
    I also gave birth to a little boy one month ago and I understand your feellings about TIME!!!
    May ALLAH SWT protect all the babies over the world...
    I would like to ask you where did you buy the pink dress (tunic) you wear in the picture with the stroller..?
    You look Beautiful and The maternity embellished you...
    PS: I apologize for my bad English but I'm french and I do my Best...
    Best regards

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliments! :) the top is from Pakistan, I had it custom made! All the best xoxo