A quick update!

Hi lovelies!
It feels so good to open a blank white blogpost and fill it up with all my rambling thoughts & pictures. I miss blogging so much!!! I wish I could blog a lot more frequently then I currently do right now but hey - I need to cut myself some slack - I have so much going on, my plate is literally overflowing!

Quick BABY update - Isa is getting so big, he's almost 6 months and he is at that super CUTE responsive age and he demands a whole lot of attention. And when I mean a whole lot, I mean a whole LOT! He totally understands when I walk away or I'm out of sight - it's so cute, I feel like this is such a great bonding time! I loveeeeee him and can't wait to watch this little guy grow.

Anyways, the hubby & I have been considering moving for a couple months now and I think we are almost close to getting our dream home! We did some house hunting last year while I was about 5-6 months pregnant but the stress of that made me get over it so we had put a halt on the search. Now that pregnancy is over and I'm almost back to normal, I'm so excited and CAN'T wait to share this new journey with you all once everything is finalized. I'm ecstatic at the thought of decorating a new space! This house will be much bigger so I'm happy I can finally put Isa's jumper, toys, and walkers tucked away in a game room out of sight so my living room can start looking normal again - lol!

I'll be back with my Vegas recap, the trip was so much fun - a much needed vacay!

Lots of love, y'all!
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