A little Gucci...nah its Zara

Hi Guys!
It's so awesome how fashion always makes a comeback years down the road. I remember being a young girl and floral/embroidered denim/jeans were so in. Now fast forward to 2017, that very style has come back! Yes they say fashion evolves, but quiet often than not, it comes back too!
The embroidered floral look has been all over the runway especially over at Gucci! Gucci has made a serious comeback and I'm totally digging everything in their collection.
I found the cutest pair of floral jeans when I was browsing the Zara in Miami. Thankfully it was the last one left in my size so of course, I snagged it. 

This duster is kind of old, I had bought it from a shop called Foreign Exahnge that has closed since. I've tried to link similar styles below.
Hope you guys are having a lovely week!

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