Outfit Ideas Compilation!

Hi Guys!
I'm writing this special post for one of my closest and dearest friends! She's going on a vacation and wanted me to help her with some outfit ideas so I figured I might as well publish this publicly so you guys could benefit from it too! Hope you guys love it!

Long Cardigans:

Example of a similar style I wore here:

Plaid Tops:

Maxi Dresses:

(make sure to scroll to the right to see all the maxi dresses, I linked several)

I usually pair maxi dresses with a light weight jacket on top or if the style allows, I like to wear a white full sleeve (non-hijabi can also opt for short sleeves) top underneath. The "under tee" is on trend with current fashion styles!

Here is a look where I added jeans under a button down dress:

Original blogpost here

Light Weight Jackets:

(make sure to scroll to the right to see all the jackets, I linked several)

Incorporating jackets (denim, suede, peplum, bomber, leather - there are so many styles) with maxi dresses or anything sleeves is one of my style staples. It's so easy, comfy, and chic! I love the way it looks when the whole outfit comes together. If you want to add some sass, you can always tie a KNOT at the bottom of your dresses. Here is an example of an outfit I wore with a jacket:

You can find the original blogpost here

Tunic Dresses/Tops

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know this is my signature style. A flowy tunic, some jeans, and tasteful accessories - I swear by this look! Many of my ootd contain a simple top paired with jeans.
Denim Jeans:
I own so many pair of denim jeans, that one article of clothing that I buy sooo much of. There are countless styles in denim, I love it all. I've included several boyfriend, embroidery, and skinny jeans here. Don't be afraid of the tears, you can always wear leggings underneath!
I'll be back with more!
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