Shea Rasol

]Salaam guys, 

I'm so sad to share a fellow Malaysian blogger, Shea Rasol who fought so bravely, has passed away from cancer. 

Shea was one of the FIRST Muslim bloggers I had discovered in 2010 before I started a blog myself. I was immediately so drawn to her content, her style, and her in general. You could feel her charismatic personality just through her writing. She seemed so bright, loving, God conscious and carefree! If you ever read her blog, maybe even one post, you know exactly what I am talking about.

She was also one of the very first people to interview me when she was a writer over at Aquila Style. How I wish so badly I had kept in touch with her. She always inspired me and I am sure there are so many of you who share this sentiment.

She was truly special. She passed on a Friday in Ramadan. I ask Allah to make this difficult time easy for her family and for Allah to grant her Firdwas (the highest level of  Heaven) without hisab (a measure of deeds/reckoning). 

It's scary you know, that death or a sickness could come from no where and your life flashes before your eyes. She was just 29. That hits home because I'm 29 and I just cant fathom any of this.

It is SO important to keep ourselves grounded and aware of our true reality. May we love a little harder, spread an abundance of kindness and peace amongst others, and remember Allah consciously/constantly.

Talk soon, xo.
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  1. SubhanAllah! I just stumbled upon her blog a few weeks ago. I even read her post where she confessed about having cancer. This is deeply saddening. May Allah reward her with good and grant her Jannah. May Allah protect us all from disease, misfortune, and evil.