Once Upon A Farm - baby food review

Hi Guys!!!!

So I finally started Isa on baby food! I was kind of skeptical cause the thought of choking scares me sooo much and I just wasn't sure if I wanted Isa to start food/solids so soon! I was a little late but anywho, he is eating baby food now :). 

Being a working mom, I am always on the go. I wish I could make more of his purees at home but if I'm honest, sometimes I just don't get the chance. Luckily, my sister found this company - Once Upon A Farm and informed me about it. It is basically the 1st cold-pressed, USDA Organic, gluten free, & Vegan baby food!!! Cold pressed =higher nutrient preservation! 

They also do not use any preservatives, concentrates, or any added sugar/juices! This was really important for me as I'm sure it is for most moms, I wanted Isa to transition to nutrient packed foods, of course! 


Anyway - I have tried these on Isa and myself - no I am not lying, I literally had some of it and I was shocked at how FRESH and YUMMY it was!!!!!!!! Isa loves them so much and I'm so happy I can give them to him without having to worry about it not being healthy!

I want to team up with Once Upon A Farm and do a give-away so a lucky winner can try it and see what I'm raving about! They were also kind enough to provide a discount code that can save my readers 20% off their first order. Just use the code 'maryam' at checkout.

Please let me know what you guys feed your babies and if you'd be interested in trying out this brand for baby food!

talk soon, xo
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