Pikes Peak, Colorado - A weekend Getaway!

Hey Guys!
What's going on? Hope all of you guys are doing fabulous! I'm currently blogging from Colorado! If you've been a longtime reader of my blog, you might be wondering why I keep coming back here as its my 4th visit I believe, lol! Honestly, I always judged Colorado when Shahbaz used to work out here for almost 3 years and never really gave it a chance. But once I did, I wish I didn't follow the cliche 'judge a book by its cover' type of thing because this State is absolutely breathtaking!  
As I always say, Houston (although I love my city - shout out to HTX) is SO flat and is seriously lacking some natural beauty whereas Colorado is overflowing with it to say the least, Praise Be to God! It's become one of our favorite destinations  to tour guest around especially when Shahbaz's immediate family is visit the States from abroad! 
Anyhow, heres a quick OOTD I took at Pikes Peak - the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains in North America! Since we went before winter started, we were able to make it allllll the way to the top (it gets closed off due to safety reasons from the snow) which had the elevation of 14,000ft high! YIKES! It was kind of scary but so beautiful at the same time. Too bad I didn't capture more pictures as it was FREEZING and I could barley pose for a picture let alone handle a camera. As we made our way down, I had Shahbaz pull over so I could quickly shoot an OOTD as temps were obviously warmer down below! 

What I'm wearing - all details linked below but a few FYI - my top is a MENs Medium and my denim jacket is years old from Zara but I linked two very cute & affordable ones below!
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