trend alert: fanny packs!

Hey Guys!
I'm sure you all are wondering what a "fanny pack" is! It is so crazy how random things from the past (lets talk the 80s) suddenly turn into a fashion trend - sometimes things we really wouldn't wear unless it were for a certain activity etc! Well let me fill you on the latest 'fanny pack' trend that has taken runways & street style by a storm!

It's suddenly the cutest accessory you can pair with your outfit, be it a simple little bag snuggled across your waist. I've been seeing this everywhere, and naturally being a fashion blogger, I wanted to touch on this trend. What I found really cool was how you can take existing crossbody bags and turn them into a little fanny like I did below! 

This Valentino is actually a crossbody bag but I tied the long straps around my waist so I could wear it as a fanny, and it worked quite well in my opinion!

So many celebs have been spotted rocking some vintage as well as new designer fanny's but don't worry, there are plenty of these babes at everyone's price point so you can give this style a go! (The most affordable option is to try an existing crossbody like mentioned above!).

Would you try this trend? What do you think of it?
I'd love to know!
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  1. I have seen a lot of celebrities carrying fanny packs too. Great tip of using cross body bad as a fanny pack. I really like your outfit.



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