No wrong way to Holiday!

Hi Guys!!
I'm excited to finally share I teamed up with DSW this Holiday Season to part-take in their 'No Wrong Way to Holiday' campaign! 

After Eid (of course), Thanksgiving is one of my favorite American holidays! Like many of us Americans, I literally look forward to the Thanksgiving day feast - its my most favorite feasts out of the entire year lol. 

Aside from the food, honestly, there is so so so so so much to be thankful for, I simply cannot put it into words. Sometimes in the midst of things, its hard to take a pause and be thankful and show gratitude to God and all the good things around you. I know I find myself more often than not chasing after things I truly don't even need. I feel like sometimes being thankful takes a lot of self reflection and thought - it's the norm to want more, and more, and just more.

Given the sad situations around the world, I truly believe we are all so blessed, in so many small ways. And may we always show God and those around us that gratitude and not take a single day or thing for granted.

Sorry guys - so much has been going on around the world, I feel guilty sometimes being so into my own bubble. :( sighs....

Anyway on a lighter note, here are the pictures we took before our family Thanksgiving dinner, I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we did taking them!

Lastly, shutout to my virtual fam - I'm most thankful for you - all of my readers who've been on this journey with me since the past 5 years. Thank you for always coming back being a huge part of my virtual life, I love you guys!!!

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