hey lovelies!
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and having a good time relaxing with family and friends! I took somewhat of a "virtual" break and I haven't touched my laptop since Christmas! I'm not gonna lie - it felt pretty darn good to be away from certain things that consume us as a whole and our time!
 We usually go to Pakistan around this time every year (my husbands parents reside in Karachi) but plans didn't go as planned so we've just been making the most of it in Houston!
Anyway - the brand Sanzaa had reached out to me and I fell in love with their dusters. Here I am rocking the 'grey duster jacket' and seeing how COLD it's been in Houston, this was a perfect wardrobe essential for  this winter. It kept me so warm and it fit me so nicely!! Not to mention how modest this is - it’s one of those perfect things you can always throw on top for a bit more coverage. While I’m at it, I must also comment on the overall quality of the duster - it’s superb. I’ve noticed quality is starting to lack in a lot of mainstream shops esp forever21 (noticing in Zara, too!) type of clothes so it’s good to appreciate a quality item when you see it! For reference, I'm wearing a small.

Anyway if I don't publish a post before the New Year I wish you all a very happy one and I pray 2018 brings immense amount of prosperity, goodness, and blessing for every single one of you! Thank you for always showing me so much love through my blog and shoutout to the day ones who have been following my blog since 2013! It's crazy to think we will be walking into 2018 in a couple days.
Lots and lots of love as always.
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  1. Omg I had no idea you have a blog. I was hoping you would make more yoitube videos. I visit houston often. Hoping I will run into you one day. Have a happy new year as well.

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