Hope every single one of you is doing fabulous! I was just now going through my YouTube channel and I was reading some of my newer comments and  it kind of got me re-thinking about creating vids!
 I've never really been such an avid YouTuber for many reason: 
1) I feel so shy lol it's weird I know but I feel shy talking on camera 
2) I'm not really good at editing videos 
3) Doubting myself - and maybe I should stop this like right now
BUT after reading a few comments on how my tutorials have really helped some of you guys, I'm seriously considering I should give YouTube another try?! 
I'm thinking to start with a tutorial on how I wear my hijab with Pakistani/Indian clothes (very requested in the past and still get messages regarding this!) and then a Q/A...let me know if you guys are good with this AND let me know if you guys would actually watch my vids, lol.
Please subscribe to my channel if you already aren't a subbie and I'll def take that as a 'YES GET YOUR ASS ON YOUTUBE' hehe.
p.s here are some pics from when I was 12lbs lighter, sighs.

See you guys soon!
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[‎5/‎8/‎2017 11:32 AM] Asadullah, Maryam: