2018 Fall/Winter NYFW recap!

Hey Guys!
I'm sure there is no way you must've missed fashion week as it was being plastered ALL over social media - Instagram to be specific! That is what you can usually expect from content creators and bloggers alike during one of the most busiest season in the fashion industry! I wasn't able to attend this season but I was virtually present being sure to keep an eye on what is yet to come! I did all the homework (so you don't have to!) - and I'll be sharing 4 of my favorite trends, just read along and take some notes!
Note: One thing to remember, fashion week is always a presentation of what is to come NEXT season. So although we are in February, designers were showcasing looks for Fall/Winter.
1) Bright Colors
Usually when I think Fall/Winter fashion, deeper and darker hues come to mind BUT not this time - there was SO much color, think bright orange, pinks, and yellows that embraced the runway this year
Image courtesy of Elle - see the full article here

/center> 2) The Fanny Pack
Image courtesy of Elle - see the full article here

I personally like a lil fanny action. Not only is it practical (saves you from shoulder bag pain that is!) it also makes your outfit look super trendy. Definitely a MUST try if you haven't tried the fanny yet!

3) Blazers & Pants

Image courtesy of Elle - see the full article here

Who doesn't love a crisp white fit? I love white but I'm also really diggin the blazer and pant trend. It's a polished look AND it's super modest, win win! I wouldn't only stick to the white rule as shown here, I think adding contrasting colors would also be a yay!

Image courtesy of Elle - see the full article here
Saved the best for last. It is no secret that I LOVE DENIM!!! Sometimes I feel like I wear way too much denim all over my Insta feed! When I saw some of these denim looks hit the runway, I was thinking YES!! This is for me, lol! Anyway, denim paired with almost anything, textures, layers, belts, you can't go wrong and there is so much you can improvise because we all own enough denim!
Anyways ladies, hope you guys agree with my top 4 picks, I can't wait to incorporate some of these trends into my everyday style! 
Talk soon! :) 
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