Golden Hour & a dash of orange

Hey Beautiful peeps!
I tried capturing some shots in the 'golden hour' - a difficult task I must say, lol. Maybe golden hour didn't like me too much cause the camera barley captured it, the only thing close to golden is the color of my bright orange top haha. Anyways - I'll try again for golden hour another time but in the meantime can we talk about this top real quick?! I love to wear a bit of color here and there and when I saw this top at Zara I fell in love! Luckily it was marked down during the Zara sale so I just had to snag it. The color is so gorgeous and so perfect for the summer!

Outfit Details:
Top - Zara (I wish so badly I could link this top but its sold out! I tried endlessly to find something similar but unfortunately couldn't find anything!!! Listed similar color options and front tie tops instead, sorry guys! :( ) Bag is Amazon, Pants are nordstrom, similar linked, and shoes are forever21, exact item linked below!

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