New Year, improved me! Hello 2019!!!

Happy New Year my lovely, lovely readers!
WOW - can we just take a moment to realize how FAST 2018 flew by?! Honestly, I felt like we were just celebrating 2018 and now were in 2019! It is truly crazy how time is slipping out of our hands, just way too fast. For me, I want this year to be a year of self reflection and self improvement. I've feel like I've wasted a lot of that in 2018. 2018 was an interesting year; a tough one indeed. I faced a lot of health challenges along with some life adjustment with additional in laws & family. In the midst of it all, I lost myself and taking care of my mental and physical health was the last thing on my list and I feel the repercussions of that now. SO THIS YEAR, I want it to be about me - not in a selfish kind of way, but I want to give myself the time to live, learn, grow, and explore. I really want to start learning the deen again - I was so good with this growing up. Its funny now that I think back on it - at that time I would fantasize about being married and doing grown up things. Now that I'm here, I fantasize of being young and having no worries, lol. We're never satisfied as humans now are we? So back to my point, I really want to learn and love the deen like I did growing up. I feel like I've lost that touch with Islam and this year I really want to concentrate on that iA!
Now lets step into fashion - you know what this blog is mostly about, lol! I'm sharing this plaid skirt I paired with a statement sweater - so cozy and chic. If you've followed me for sometime, I always mention how I'm not really a dress/skirt kind of girl. I love my jeans, esp my skinny skinny ones lol (sorry haram police). BUT this season skirts was so cute and in, esp when paired with booties so I wanted to try and embrace that for a bit. So here we are:

My entire outfit minus the bag and shoes is from Zara. I bought both items for full price and a few days later, Zara decided to have a huge sale where they knocked down all the prices to basically half and yeah you guessed it, both the top and skirt sold out. So I'm sorry, I have no direct links to share but I will as always include similar items.

Link for exact booties(I love these!!)
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