LOFT: Florals for Spring

Hey Guys!!!
So we're FINALLY in Spring! Wow, it felt like it took forever to reach this season, huh? Houston was embraced with such low/cool temps this year - its nice to trade that in for some sun and light breeze!
Totally enjoying Spring weather but enjoying my wardrobe transition a little more! As I mentioned in my IG post, I'm totally obsessed with blazers as transitional pieces. Its also great they're so in style at the moment so I was thrilled when I came across this floral one from LOFT!
I'm so excited to be sharing this collaboration with you guys that I'm working with LOFT for! I was a little unsure about the size given I have another bun in the oven atm (surprise surprise if you didnt know yet hehe) but I stuck to a regular size 2 and it fit like a glove. The quality of the blazer is so nice, not a cheapy/flimsy material at all which is why I think it fit so well! I paired it with these bootleg frayed jeans - they were a little long on me so I took some scissors and made myself a new hem and I love how it looks paired with the jacket!
Good news - everything at LOFT is current 50% off! Yes girlfriend, that is HALF off the original price soooo you can basically snag both pieces around $100! Woohoo! Go on, shop now, you can thank me later!
Make sure you check out their full floral range and their new size ranges  - they have floral for everyone!!! #floralforall :)

I've included another cute floral pant and cardigan option. You can shop all items seen here and mentioned here:

Thank you LOFT for sponsoring today's post!
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