Flower Kids - Isa's bedroom makeover!

Hey guys!
So I'm probably a little late on this milestone but I've been wanting to do it for so long and I'm excited it's finally almost done! Isa finally has his own room, lol! Since he was a breastfed baby and my first, I found it easier to have him in the same room as me. I had made him a nursery but I barley used it and then ended up turning that room into a guest bedroom. Now with the addition of Ismail, I realized its finally time for Isa to have his own big boy room and I'm sooo excited to share the final reveal with you guys!
I've collaborated with Walmart x Flower Kids - A kids line created by Drew Barrymore - to bring Isa's jungle theme bedroom to life! He's been so obsessed with gators & lions so this was truly such a fitting opportunity to transform his room into a little safe jungle. I love that Flower Kids focuses on positive energy by incorporating vibrant, fun, whimsical themes for both boys and girls! The Safari theme was so perfect for us, the friendly gators & tigers and the world map (my favorite) detailed with so much creativity - truly letting a child's imagination soar!

You can shop the post by clicking on any of the images below! I would love to know what you guys think of the final look.

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