Living room update!

Hey y’all! 
We meet again in the new year - welcome 2022!
At the end of last year I started gathering ideas to re do our living room and I was finally able to pull everything together! I’m so excited to share the completed look with you guys here today. I was browsing Walmart and I love how they’ve updated their decor items and you can find so many new contemporary pieces there. My main focus was on the rug, coffee table & pillows. I feel like these 3 elements make or break an area. I had seen this specific rug style all over social media and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found it on! I ordered the 9x7 and it fit our area oh so perfectly. I chose this round black coffee table and these fun statement pillows to pull the entire look together. #Ad

The quality of the rug is amazing - it is a printed rug so be aware of that but the print & colors are gorgeous when paired against a white couch!

I also want to mention my coffee mug you see here! It’s the only mug I enjoy drinking my iced coffee at home from. It just gives you that fancy coffee shop feel and I love that these mugs are under $1!

How do you think everything looks? I’m linking everything here at the bottom so you guys can easily view & shop this area! 

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post! 
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