Boyfriend Jeans

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

What a great-over-due long weekend it was. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off and I hope everyone did as well!

Now on to fashion, the latest trend I've fallen victim to is the Boyfriend Jeans! I absolutely adore this trend. It carries the perfect amount of  looseness in a pair of pants that is also presentable in public. Fortunately these can be found almost anywhere. Unfortunately, there are so many variations to them, it can be mind-boggling to select the correct pair. 

So here, I did the dirty work for you. Below are four options to select from all of which are in the reasonable price range. Two of which fall into the 'steal the deal' category ;). You can thank me later ;).

3 main things to look for when shopping Boyfriend style:

1) Size.The jeans should still fit you well at the waist. The bagginess should only come into play towards the thigh and leg area. The fitting at the waist will ensure you've selected the correct size for your bod-type. If you want a super baggy look, then opt for one size bigger.

2) Color. A lighter wash is more day-time appropriate  Select a pair that has the 'distressed' look. This is one of the biggest characteristics of boyfriend jeans.

3) Style. The goal of these jeans is to look as if you truly borrowed your boyfriend's jeans! Don't shy away from a pair that looks 'loose'. The whole point is for the jeans to be relaxed and not tapered away! If they don't hug your body but fit at your waist, you've found yourself the perfect pair!

Lastly for the ladies who prefer a tighter fit, I included option 3. You still get all the 'Boyfriend Jeans' qualities but with the added bonus of the feminine fit (since the bottom is a bit narrower).

H&m jeans
$50 -

Old Navy Girls Skinny Boyfriend Jeans - Dark wash

 I hope you guys benefit from this guide. Will you guys try this trend? I would love to know!



  1. Can you pleaseee list your makeup routine on here sometime? You always look flawless mashaAllah