Monday, December 22, 2014

Shawl Winters

Hi Lovelies!
Sorry for the lack of inspiration guys - I've been so busy with traveling and weddings, I need some downtime ASAP. In the midst of all the fun, I haven't been able to fully capture any OOTDs. However, since the temperatures are dropping I'm really loving shawls as a throw on.

This Shawl is from Pakistan.
I'll be back with more soon my loves!
Till then, stay warm!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Peace be upon you my friends!
I'm excited to share this collaboration with you guys featuring Euphoria, an innovative brand featuring modest & trendy attire. At Euphoria, each garment is created by hand ensuring the utmost detail and love to provide you with a masterpiece you will cherish. 

As much as I love my skinny jeans, I equally love the idea of extra material that adds the perfect amount of flow and instant sophistication to a garment. Although this is just a simple kaftan, I felt like a million bucks in it! It flowed so beautifully! This is the first time I was able to capture multiple amazing pictures (minus natural daylight) without the frustration of bad shots, woohoo! 

Outfit Details:
Kaftan c/o - Euphoria
Ankle Booties - Agaci but exact same here

It was freezing in Turkey so I swapped out my initial idea of heels for a pair of high-ankle booties. I think it worked well with dressing the kaftan down a bit but I will definitely re-wear it with heels next time, inshAllah. I felt very over-the-top in it and it's amazing how a garment could deliver such a feeling!

Be sure to checkout or visit them on instagram @ineuphoria to see what else is in store ;).

Have a lovely lovely Wednesday ladies!
Much love,
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Blue Mosque & Pink Trench Coat

Hello! :)
On day two during our Turkey stay we visited the Blue Mosque & later the Grand Bazaar.

I wasn't able to capture a picture that would do justice to the Blue Mosque so here is one of my favorite shots which can be found on Google. When viewed with the naked eye, The Mosque is completely breathtaking & without a doubt, it will leave you in awe. Adorned with intricate details all around, it's one of the most complex and beautiful architectures to exists in the world today.

The sound of prayer can be heard echoing through every minaret drawing in serenity and a sense of peace around the area. We were fortunate enough to catch Asr prayer in congregation as the mosque tends to get very packed during prayer. During prayer time, the mosque is closed off to visitors.

After prayers, I wanted to capture a few photos in the Blue Mosque's courtyard:

Excuse my stiff stature as it was freezing and I couldn't keep still, hehe.

Outfit Details:
Trench Coat - Asos similar here and exact here different color
Booties - Agaci but exact same here
Hijab - Cover33

And I also wore my hijab in a bow style - can you tell?! I love how it looked with the trench coat but I did I feet like this outfit belonged in Paris haha.

How's everyone enjoying December? I love this time of the year so I hope everyone's having a good one!

Much love!

Monday, December 8, 2014

I woke up in... Turkey!

Well hello love bugs!
I'm in Turkey! And can I just say wow! This country is SO lively, I have yet to visit another place that is more poppin than Istanbul!
We did a lot of amazing things such as checking out the historical landmarks of Turkey. To list a few, we visited the Topaki Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Taksim Square and Istikal Street. I'll need to come back and update this post as I'm in a hurry so enjoy a few pictures for now:

Inside Hagia Sophia which used to be a Church which later was turned into a Mosque. After some time, it was decided to turn the place into a Museum. You can find pictures of Mary and Jesus throughout the Museum along with inscriptions/verses from the Quran.

Yummy Turkish food which was stuffed with mixed meat, spices, and cheese.

Posing outside the Topkapi Palace. So much to see here as it was very vast and had so many sections and rooms with many different purposes. The guide tour gave us a historical background and it was surreal to see how the Ottomans live and ruled during their Era.

Turkey was flooded with cats but I captured the perfect moment of my husband stroking a cutely peaceful one! 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

CYBER Monday!

Hello Love Bugs!
Cyber MONDAY is here! Woo-hoo.  I've pulled together a list of my favorite shopping sites that are participating in Cyber Monday. Discounts range anywhere between 20-40% off with some sites making the deal even sweeter by offering FREE shipping. If you're planning on virtually shopping, there is no better day than today. But you must hurry, these deals are only good for 24 hours.
COVER33, my hijab company is also participating so be sure to dress up your hijab-wardrobe!

I'm rocking 'Prime Delicacy'

Cyber Monday deals:
Blue Fly
Necessary Clothing
Miss Guided
Happy Shopping!
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