I woke up in... Turkey!

Well hello love bugs!
I'm in Turkey! And can I just say wow! This country is SO lively, I have yet to visit another place that is more poppin than Istanbul!
We did a lot of amazing things such as checking out the historical landmarks of Turkey. To list a few, we visited the Topaki Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Taksim Square and Istikal Street. I'll need to come back and update this post as I'm in a hurry so enjoy a few pictures for now:

Inside Hagia Sophia which used to be a Church which later was turned into a Mosque. After some time, it was decided to turn the place into a Museum. You can find pictures of Mary and Jesus throughout the Museum along with inscriptions/verses from the Quran.

Yummy Turkish food which was stuffed with mixed meat, spices, and cheese.

Posing outside the Topkapi Palace. So much to see here as it was very vast and had so many sections and rooms with many different purposes. The guide tour gave us a historical background and it was surreal to see how the Ottomans live and ruled during their Era.

Turkey was flooded with cats but I captured the perfect moment of my husband stroking a cutely peaceful one! 

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