The Blue Mosque & Pink Trench Coat

Hello! :)
On day two during our Turkey stay we visited the Blue Mosque & later the Grand Bazaar.

I wasn't able to capture a picture that would do justice to the Blue Mosque so here is one of my favorite shots which can be found on Google. When viewed with the naked eye, The Mosque is completely breathtaking & without a doubt, it will leave you in awe. Adorned with intricate details all around, it's one of the most complex and beautiful architectures to exists in the world today.

The sound of prayer can be heard echoing through every minaret drawing in serenity and a sense of peace around the area. We were fortunate enough to catch Asr prayer in congregation as the mosque tends to get very packed during prayer. During prayer time, the mosque is closed off to visitors.

After prayers, I wanted to capture a few photos in the Blue Mosque's courtyard:

Excuse my stiff stature as it was freezing and I couldn't keep still, hehe.

Outfit Details:
Trench Coat - Asos similar here and exact here different color
Booties - Agaci but exact same here
Hijab - Cover33

And I also wore my hijab in a bow style - can you tell?! I love how it looked with the trench coat but I did I feet like this outfit belonged in Paris haha.

How's everyone enjoying December? I love this time of the year so I hope everyone's having a good one!

Much love!