Life of my HEART

Peace be upon you, beauties!
 I'm so happy it's FRI-YAY, can't wait to soak in the weekend.
So today's agenda is a little different! I wanted to start giving you guys a little sneak peak into the decor & hard work that is going into my home! I honestly NEVER realized how much "hard-work" this is, literally. Every detail matters so much, especially when it comes to decorating & coordinating. Anyhow, I'm absolutely loving these little Islamic Art from 'life of my heart'. I intend to frame them to add as an accent decor to shelves. I love love love Islamic art so when I found Marryam's shop, I was ecstatic to say the least.

How cute are these?! I can't wait to frame them and align them on my shelves. I'll share more pictures when that's done :).
This is nothing, the girl is so talented mashAllah and has a plethora of styles and verses to pick from. To see the full collection & more, please visit Life Of My Heart or follow Marryam on Instagram here.
Did you love this? I would love to know!
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