Velvet in Jilbabs R Us!

Hi Guys!
I'm wearing this velvet open cardi style abaya from Jilbabs R Us. Since winter decided to welcome it's stay here in Texas, the abaya wasn't too thick to rock. I simply paired it over a black top and jeans for added coverage! As you can see in the pictures below, the abaya has a small decal/embellishment in the center of its back that dresses it up a bit! I would say the 'small' was still a bit big on me, so definitely size down. 

What I'm wearing: Abaya - c/o Jilabs R Us, Scarf - Cover33, new collection

If you fancy velvet, you may love this style. It's my first time wearing an abaya that was full velvet, it kept me warm when needed so I'm a happy camper. :)
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