Covered Bliss - style me two!

Hi Guys!
Lets take a moment to appreciate this stunning dress from CoveredBliss! First off, I'm so glad I found this company, they cover everything from east to west in terms of fashion. I wore this flowy dress while I was out and about in Karachi. As a hijabi, my #1 concern for dresses is the 'see through' factor. I appreciate the fact this company kept that very point in mind while creating their plethora of dresses. I didn't have to wear anything underneath and the dress fit like a glove! And it's a TRUE circle dress which means lots and lots of flow. The picture below can attest to that!

What I'm wearing: Flowy Dress c/o Covered Bliss, Glitter Scarf - Cover33 new collection, Sunglasses - Prada, Bag - Chanel 

I spotted this historic monumental landmark (Jehangir Kothari) while driving past one of the busiest freeways in Karachi. I knew this would serve as the perfect back drop for this gorgeous flowy dress so I had my husband plan a trip for a photo-session! The style kind of reminded me of Turkish architecture though, would you agree?
For those of you on holidays, hope everyone is enjoying their time off!
Lots of love!
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