A couple weeks back I ordered a 'co-ord' set from Boohoo and I finally got around to wearing it. 
Since I've mentioned Boohoo, I'll go ahead and give you a quick update on how I feel about this particular company. I used to swear by them - I've even recommended them to so many people who asked where I like to shop, but in the recent year, their quality has significantly plummeted. I mean it was never top-notch quality but the clothing material and craftsmanship was decent to where I would not mind spending my money. However, I don't know what changed but the clothing quality is sooo poor now and the materials look so poorly constructed. I'm so sad but I noticed the difference in my last two orders and I'm no longer going to be shopping from there. That sucks because I loved them, wah! :(

Anyways, this was one of the decent items from my last order. I don't think co-ords favor my current body (full chest and all cause of breastfeeding lol) but whatever, decided to give it a shot.

What do you think, yay or nay?
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