My Labor & Delivery Story!

Hey guys!!
I'm finally sitting down to write my L&D story that is so overdue! I know I've promised it sometime ago but man, the only time I can find actual spare time is when Im at work. So anyway, here I go! Disclaimer: this will be long!
The doctor had given me the due date of 9/26/2016 but for some reason, I always thought my little guy would come earlier but boy was I wrong! I had a pretty normal and easy pregnancy throughout Alhamdulillah, which means getting lucky with absolutely no morning sickness! I didn't even throw up ONCE throughout the whole 9 months, yes I know I got sooo lucky and I'm forever grateful for that. So given everything was going so smoothly, I assumed my labor would be a walk in the park as well. As the months passed by, my gyno informed me the baby was on the 'bigger' side from the ultrasound readings so she did not prefer that I go past my due date because I was an overall small/petite girl. I had expressed my concerns about c-section and informed her I wanted to avoid that at all cost and aim for a natural delivery as long as it was possible. If I'm quite honest, I didn't even THINK about the labor process, I didn't want to unnecessarily freak myself out so I would't even allow my thoughts to go there. It was so out of my mind that I literally packed my hospital bag the week before my due date.
Fast forward to the week of my due date, there was absolutely no progress and my cervix had not dilated at all which basically means baby was nice and happy in my womb and had NO plans of coming out lol. The doctor & I decided we would wait TILL my due date to see if anything happens on its own, and if it didn't, she would want to proceed with an induction. 
After googling induction stories, I prayed my heart out that my body would progress on its own and I would not need any artificial medicines to get my labor going. Thankfully so, as I was heading out for my daily 2 mile walk, I felt something trickle down my leg - lol sorry if this is TMI but hey, it's part of the whole process. My water had finally broke!!! This is definitely a point in the progressive direction so I quickly ran inside to let my husband know that we needed to get to the hospital soon. Upon my arrival which was 7pm on 9/26/2016, the nurses settled me in and it was decided that we wait a couple hours to see if my cervix would dilate on its own before starting an induction. Unfortunately, I did not dilate and since my water had broke, the safety of the baby was breached and so they needed to get going with the labor. Finally I was induced and now the waiting game of dilating had begun - it was already about midnight at this point.
 During the last few weeks, I would always wonder if I was in 'labor' and didn't know it but let me tell you, when you are in labor YOU WILL KNOW you are in labor. The pain, my god, is indescribable, there is no way you would dismiss it and just casually lounge around. When I felt the first contraction, I literally thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I can't even describe the sensation but if I have to, imagine menstrual cramps x10000000!!!! It was so so so painful. I've always believed I had a 'high pain tolerance' and I wanted to attempt a medicine free (without epidural) delivery but yeah right, after that first contraction, I begged for that epidural! 
It was about 3 am when they gave me the epidural which basically felt like a bee-sting followed by a cold sensation, it didn't really cause any obvious pain. All I can say is, that was the BEST thing ever lol, all the contraction pains went away and I finally fell asleep for a couple hours. They leave the epidural port in your back in case you need a refreshment dose and I asked for it 2x more over the course of my labor. Morning and afternoon came and alas, I had dialed to 9.5 (to give birth, you must reach 10) and just had .5 to go. I was sooooooo excited, it was almost time, I would finally meet my baby, and this whole process would just be over! Sadly, when the doctor came to check on me a few hours later, my cervix was regressing and I was now at 8.5. Basically, the baby was trying to descend and his head started to swell my cervix (I hope I'm using all these medical terms correctly) and this in return was causing him 'stress'. The doctor was keeping a track of his movements on the monitor and what they saw was slowed movement and a dropped heart rate :(. She immediately called for a c-section. Now lets focus on me, I was in utter shock. After almost 22 hours of labor and finally reaching 9.5 cm, I just could not believe I wouldn't make it. I immediately went into a state of shock as they prepared for the c-section and I basically lost my mind lol. If you personally know me, you know I'm a calm person for the most part so acting kinda nuts was out of character for me. The nurses tried their best to calm me but I just couldn't console myself. I forever had this fear of c-sections, and now, it was finally my turn to experience it, I was deathly scared. They basically numb you so well, you don't feel anything except pressure. I kept screaming 'I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING' haha its so embarrassing now that I go back and think about it but whatever man, it was out of my control. My husband put on his scrubs and finally at 5:45 PM, Maghreb time in Houston, Isa Ali Niazi, 7lbs and 14oz, was born. As soon as they pulled him out of me, they knocked me out. 
I didn't get to do all the things that I had planned; skin to skin, delayed cord cutting, and having my husband cut the umbilical cord. This just reminded me, we plan and Allah plans, and indeed He is the best of planners. I am so thankful Isa was born a very healthy and perfect baby, and for that I am forever grateful. I did however, end up staying in the hospital for 5 days, got 2 blood transfusions, 1 plasma transfusion, and multiple test done as I lost a significant amount of blood. Alhumdulillah, I made it, and 4 months later, I am back to my normal self! (Well with occasional back pain and the oh-so-busy life of a mom!)
Ah, maybe I'll write another post on postpartum recovery as this one clearly became too long. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and please know, everyone's experience is unique and inshAllah you will not have to go through what I went through. Once you see your baby, you are literally willing to do it a 100x over. It's surreal how Allah suddenly puts all these motherly feelings and instincts in you, something I didn't know I was capable of.
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I wore a black PinkBlush maternity PJ set after switching out of the hospital gown. I had also packed one of their maternity robes, which I didn't get a chance to use. I recommend the PJs, they were very comfortable, covering, and easy to breastfeed in. My hospital bag was from Target.
I noticed the thumbnails state the maternity PJs are sold out but try this website: for more options. The one I'm wearing is linked here and here.
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