My stroller review - Mamas & Papas Ubro2!

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I've been wanting to publish a full review on my stroller for sometime now but I wanted to be sure I used it a good deal before I started recommending (or not) to you guys! It's been about 7 months since I've been using the Mamas & Papas Urbo2 stroller and I absolutely LOVE it to say the least.
One of the most important features I was looking in a stroller when I first started shopping for it early last year was weight and compact-ability. I wanted to get something that I would be able to fold, assemble, and pull out on a daily basis on my own because lets be real, more than half the time you are alone with the baby! I didn't want to have anything so bulky/heavy that I would need to rely on my husband. 
Another feature I really wanted was a reversible seat! I wanted to be able to have the baby look at me AND have the choice to be turned around for an outside view. Most strollers now come with this option!
The Urbo2 had BOTH these features and right when I saw the stroller, rose gold & all, I knew it was the one for me lol. I'm being so dramatic. But no really, I was dying for a cute stroller and I was soooo happy this fit the bill!
The stroller itself is so sleek and it's so light without the seat (only 20 lbs!). It folds up so swiftly and easily and I can lift it into the trunk of my car on my own. Since Isa is getting big now, I've actually had him on my hip on several occasions and was able to pull this out the trunk with one hand! This should give an idea about the weight.
The seat is literally baby luxury, no kidding! The inside of the seat is quilted and it is so plush, my husband & I actually sat in it when we were browsing because we were so tempted, haha. The stroller was also sturdy enough to push our weight!
A couple more things I'd like to mention - the front wheels have suspensions which makes the ride very smooth and despite the small wheels, the stroller is able to handle bumps well. The handle bar (where you push the stroller) is adjustable. This was very important because the height difference between my husband and I is almost an entire foot, so when he pushes the stroller, it's great that he can adjust the bar to his preference.I do wish the basket was a little bigger but its not a big deal! 

Overall, I LOVE the stroller more and more every time I use it and I would hands down recommend it to anyone. It truly is very compact, stylish, functional, and super comfortable for the baby. 9/10 for me!
Anyway here is a link to a more detailed review with several pictures and videos for additional reference. 
I hope this helps, talk to you guys soon!

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