Lalabu Leggings

Hey Ya'll!
I took some pictures while I was out walking with Isa and doing some of those exercises I mentioned in my previous post-baby post and wanted to share. I'm also wearing some really cool mom-designed leggings from Lalabu which help slim and support a postpartum belly. Whenever I wear these leggings, I feel a great deal of back support and they tuck away my belly so nicely, I sometimes wish these were jeans so I could wear them everywhere lol.

Talk to you guys soon!
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  1. Wao! Yoga and exercises are just very much necessary to stay fit. And clothes are of course a sheer motivation to perform them well. Got to know about Designer Leggings from my friend and bought them for dance sessions. Side lines and knits are at the accurate places. Also their quality finish is unique from other common ones.